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    Looking for simple mods 05 Vx110 deluxe

    Looking for some ideas on simple mods that will add a little more umph to my 2005 VX110.


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    Hi Heliben, have you looked at the Riva RPM kit for your ski?

    All simple bolt on mods!

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    He hessitates to say it's $1000 - 10% $900 --plus labor. Trust me the intake and exhaust are very easy to install. The other items require a little more labor but still well within the garage mechanics scope.
    First must have is a torque wrench preferrably an Inch pound type.

    Working on the intake grate and pump inlet shoe kit require some working on your back or finding a way to jack the front of the trailer up high enough to gain access to the bottom of the ski near the rear.
    you can also slide the ski rear ward on the trailer to gain access and keep the trailer level.

    I have to admit I'm only part of the way there and it makes a difference !
    Riva knows what to do to make performance numbers on a vx ski...

    Removing the curtains will gain some louder running tones and a throatier
    rumble but will not add very much in terms of power.

    The Riva kit is a little more expensive purchased seperately but it gives you time to save the money toward the next step on the list...

    Mine will be the intake grate and pump inlet shoe kit next.

    Then a Solas stainless impeller with a pitch tweak to it.....

    Good luck ---If you need assistance PM me... I'd be glad to help...


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