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    All about SBT engines thread......

    I have searched all of the threads on this site and others about SBT. Most of the post are negative, but they are also mostly here say. I would like to hear from anyone that has actual had an engine from them. Not someone that heard about how good or bad they are, no rumors or what you heard from a friend. If you have had any experience with SBT's engine or company please let us know what it was good or bad. Maybe we can finally find out what is really going on with their engines? Hopefully this will be an informative post for anyone that is thinking of buying one of there engines like I am. Thanks for the help

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    I used one to replace my 96 seadoo xp 787, ski ran great and never had any problems with it!

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    Sorry, but no, we won't. This is old hat, and the reason you DO NOT see threads here, is that anything to do with those engines turn into a pissing contest.

    SBT has their own forum. It's called PWCTODAY. I'd rather we not go down this road again.

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