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    Antifreeze exhaust GTI?

    I have an 09 GTI I'm about to winterize. Lake Smith water is getting LOW, and even in Central Alabama we occasionally have a freeze spell. When the fountains in the park freeze over I worry about any residual water in the exhaust system. If I blow it out with an air compressor like the manual says do I need to run antifreeze through? It seems that the exhaust system is bone dry right now. When I pull it out of the water I run it for 10 sec or so and water comes out. When I get to the house I fire it up one more time and usually there's no water coming out anymore. Secondly. is there way outside of a pump or something to get antifreeze into the system? Will it gravity flow through the flush port? can I pull a hose and let it just flow through there?


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    Do you store the GTI outdoors? At the dock?
    I wouldn't be too concerned about freezing waterboxes in your climate (NO concern if it's stored in a garrage). Even if there is a freeze, there wouldn't be enough water in the waterboxes to crack anything, IMO.

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    outdoors under OEM cover under the carport. Putting the battery in an empty closet (with HVAC) at work with a trickle charger on it.

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