I have an 03 GTX 155hp NA jetski with an 04 RXP pump housing; changed from the 03 plastic impeller housing to the 04 metal impeller housing. The driveshaft end from the 04 RXP is much larger than the original 03 GTX driveshaft end, which means I gotta buy an impeller that fits the 04 shaft (stock impeller that came with the metal unit in bad shape). So, for an 03 GTX with the 155hp NA engine, an 11/19 4 blade Solas impeller is recommended in the Greenhulk online store. I am not sure if that would still be the recommended prop for my ski with the different 04 RXP pump assembly? Not sure how to go about determining what is the best choice? Anyone out there have any ideas?

I have already installed the front Power Plenum front air filter, Riva Top Loader intake grate, Riva stainless steel wear ring, Riva OPAS blockoffs on the ski. Any suggestions/help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thank you.