R5WaterXRacing, LLC is proud to announce the Race schedule for The 2010 R5WaterXRacing Tour!!

Some of these dates are tentative but for the most part are set. (If that makes sense haha)

R5WaterXRacing is scheduled to have a 6 round series, but we are currently working on a a final stop to make the tour a 8 round season. We are looking to end the season in Dallas TX and return to where some fo the greatest racing action used to take place in Lewisvill TX just north of Dallas. For those of you who used to race in Region 5 or ran the tour back them you will remember this place. Its right near The I-35 Bridge. Awesome site and a great place to finish.

The 2010 R5WX Tour will feature alot of new things, We will be offering LARGE payouts at each round in 2010 with the following classes being paid out, there may be a few others added. There WILL be IJSBA Endurance Racing in R5 for 2010..more info to come!!!

Sport Spec
Womens R/A Ltd
Pro-Am Womens Ski Ltd
Pro R/A GP
Pro R/A Stock
Pro R/A Ltd
Pro R/A Open
Pro Ski GP
Pro Ski Stock
Pro Ski Ltd

You may notice that tehre are NO Expert classes listed..at this time R5WaterXRacing has no intentions on offering payouts to the expert Classes uless there is significant participation in those classes.. Why you may ask? Its to get those riders that have taken up camp if you will an incentive to move up with the BIGGER payouts to be had in the Pro classes. If you have any questions or concerns on this issue of not paying out experts please shoot us an email at [email protected] or call us at 214-498-3592

We will also be offering some NEW classes for 2010 as well and taking away some OLD,

Beginner Sport
Women Sport
Expert Women Ski
Expert Ski Stock
Expert Ski Open
Expert R/A Stock
Pro R/A Limited

The classes we may be deleting will be announced very soon!

We feel that the addition of some of these classes will benefit the racing scene and create a training gound for some up and coming racers that may not be ready for the BIG STEP.

We are dedicated to offering the best oppurtunity for our racers to have a shot and getting themselves ready to run with the big boys at the end of each season!

We have ALOT of exciting things we are working on for the 2010 season and we look forward to giving you updates hopefully weekly!

The 2010 schedule WILL bring a IJSBA TOUR STOP to R5 for the 1st time in over 10 yrs! Its been LONG overdue! The Tour WILL take place at The Colony Race Site or rather right around the corner from the race sit the past 2 yrs with LARGER area for us all to move around and stretch our legs, We are working on having a HUGE concert and The USUAL fireworks and will take place on The 4th of July again. If you missed this past year July 4th Race you missed one of the biggest and best races of 2009!

Well here you go here is the tentative schedule for 2010:

Round 1&2 May 13-14th 2010 Genes Powersports, Baytown TX
Round 3&4 June 19-20th 2010 Lake Madison, Madisonville TX (Music Festival)
Round 5&6 July 3-4th 2010 The Liberty by The Lake Challenge, The Colony TX LakeLewisville (IJSBA TOUR STOP)
Round 7&8 TBA (Tentative final round) Workin on the site!

We will be working closely with the IJSBA to make sure that we don NOT conflict with any Tour dates during the year or any of its bigger races to give the racer a chance to race at some of the other events in the U.S.!

If you have any question please fell free to email us or call us at [email protected] or 214-498-3592

We are currently filling sponsorship spots for 2010 and if you or your compnay is interested please feel free to contact us!

We look forward to 2010 and look forward to seeing ALL of YOU in 2010 and we will be releasing our payout structures in thenext week so stay tuned for more info on it as well!