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    I wonder if these adjustable power bands would work on my RXT?

    Before I spend $249.00 plus shipping I wanted to make sure these would work on my ski. Anybody have these?

    Also after years of searching I can finally fix all these cars around here.
    1 car needs muffler bearings ---- FOUND
    1 car needs 3 piston return springs ----- FOUND
    Current car needs new blinker fluid ----- FOUND

    **** 2 cars for sale ****

    1994 AMC Gremilin Rusty but has NEW muffler bearings $5000.00
    1990 Yugo Cabrio Runs rough but has new Piston Return Springs $6500.00

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    I got my eye on one of these flux capacitors

    I think I'll make it a winter mod!!

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    I was looking at the cross drilled brake lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp
    I got my eye on one of these flux capacitors

    I think I'll make it a winter mod!!
    Go to the future and bring back some hybrid jetski's!!! I hear they can go 300miles to a tank.

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    WTF? ...PR...

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    I'm going to get the Kuhneutson Valve. The price is right and it looks like a direct replacment for the stock RXP intake! Buddy of mine tested one on a 2005 RXP and he did 77 mph!. He did add the oil system bypass to keep the oil pumps clean incase his sc clutch let go though.
    Where does the 710 cap go?

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