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    Unhappy Yamaha 1999 GP760 WaveRunner Problem

    I just purchased this 99 Gp760 and it was starting and running great yesterday. The guy I bought it from started it at least five times just to show me how. Then he wanted to remove his trickle charge plug so he had to remove both wires from Battery then he put the leads back on and I tightened them after making sure red was pos, blk was neg. He went on his way and I went out this morning to show it to a guy and it will not even try to start! I first put the start wrist clip under the button then turned on the fuel, pulled out the choke, hit the green start button while applying a little throttle and NOTHING! I put a meter on the batt and it was 12.8volts and did not drop any when the start button was pressed. I found the fuse and it checked good. I get no display info on either LCD meter when key is on or when start is pressed. The only display I get is when I press the left button on the panel the right meter displays CODE and when you press the right buttons it will display A, B or C! Other than that it is as dead as a rock! I would sure appreciate any Ideas you may have. How it could have went from everything working perfectly to nothing works over night when just a battery disconnect was done is beyond me.


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    There is a security code that has to be reset. Check the faq section for each ski to see how to do it.

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    When CODE comes up, hit A three times. the the word START should show, and you are good to go.

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    yes there is a procediure to follow to start the gp code.. call the guy get the code.. otherwise look it up in the gp1200/760 manuel link in how to section as stated above, for the reset steps.. if you cant find it, i can scan a page out of the manual for you.. both 1200 and 760 will start and reset the same way..( you should reset it anyway as you dont want the former owner to know your code)

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