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Thread: Group K 1390

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    Group K 1390

    Engine has a broken crank. Go to page 5 for pics.

    Group K 1390 complete longblock motor- motor shut down at 3500 rpms, not sure whats wrong with it, will not turn over by hand- probably 1 locked up piston, 40-50 hours on it since 1390 kit, motor has not been taken apart and is still in the ski, no carbs- $1000
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    Not trying to be offensive but $1500 for an unknown motor is a lot to ask. I would pull the heads at least and get some pictures up.

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    here r some pics-- cylinder walls all look perfect and i can not see anything wrong with the pistons. Here is what the original owner said, "Motor shut down at about 3500 rpms and now just clicks when I try to start it. I cannot turn it over by hand and have no idea whats wrong and am done with it."

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    That looks like it had a melt down???

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    so were you able to get it to turn over by hand?

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    i have not tried- what is the best way to do that?

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    Grab the coupler.... spin it... without the head on it should spin easy... unless of course the crank blew apart... If you cant spin it pull the pump off and try again... I was with him when it shut down and it was definately locked up... You may walk away from this ski making out like a bandit if the motors still good...

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    Hey that motor looks somewhat familiar!! Finally got around to messing with it huh Cody?

    I aquired this motor in a different ski from another forum member a little over a year ago with about 20-25 hours. It took some time to get the jetting right (GroupK jetting just isn't right) but after getting it dialed in the ski ran fantastic. Over the winter I pulled that motor and put it into a much nicer hull that was setup/trued, etc etc. The hull spent most of the winter upside down with a lot of attention to detail. The motor I pulled and set on the bench with a blanket over it and saw nothing but a little wipedown before going back into the hull (didn't think it needed anything, it ran great).
    When everything was put back together it was on about the 3rd -4th ride of the season when the motor died. After a cruise we were sitting floating/talking and I started the ski up to move out. Pulled throttle to come up on plane and it just shut down. The motor cannot be turned by hand. Myself, Ink, and Addicted all tried. Doubt it's the pump because you can move the back of the coupler a bit, but not the motor side. I've never had the motor apart other than pulling the head a few times to check the wash the season before, but was told by the previous owner it had a trued/welded crank from Riva.
    Like I told Cody, I'm done with it. I'm going 4-stroke.
    Hope this helps with a bit of history..

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