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    bunch of newb questions

    hey fellas got the weekend to work on my 93 750...few questions...can/should the motor be tuned with the spark arrestor off? can an accurate tune be accomplished on the hose with the jet pump removed? which hose on the boat should i use for the hose the flush fitting or the intake hose? thx in advance!

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    It's best to tune with the F/A installed, but having it off makes screw access much easier. You can get it close with no F/A and fine tune with it.

    Tuning on the hose would be useless. There's no load on the engine, and would give false rsults. That's why the idle must be set in the water. Samw goes for carb adjustment.

    Flush fittings usually are installed directly into the cooling rail. There should be a plug that can be removed for the flush kit.

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    I agree,

    Doing base settings on the hose is fine,, but real tuning has to be done out on the water

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