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    Question 03 SC Beeps w/o a Key !!??

    Son just finished riding her last week - pulled the key and put her cover on. Neighbor called 2 hrs later and said something was "beeping" out on our dock. Sure enough, the 03SC is beeping like it has a key in it!!?? Dash is lit and and all guages are on? WTF!!??

    Error code is P1509 - and all fuses are good!!?? Had to disconnect battery to turn it off! Also getting a "SENSOR" message as soon as I install the key!!?? And I have also just installed a custom 4" kanaflex w/ Spectre filter.

    Anyone have any ideas here? Is the contact post for the key shorting out or something up w/ the DESS - a sensor out??

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    my uncle's ski has the same problem and we haven't been able to figure it out yet.

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    How`s the DESS post?

    did you try connecting the battery, and re starting, then unplugging and let it sit, does it repeat?

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