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    `97 XP with Bad Motor -- Rebuild or Part out?


    I just bought a `97 XP with a 787 motor. I got a good deal on it, but the motor is trashed. Everything else is great, just the motor is trashed. Should I just part out what is still decent on the motor and sell the hull for peanuts or rebuild the motor??

    The motor: 787 that had gotten water in it and shredded the connecting rod bearing. There were metal shavings in the crankcase. I can also see a crack in the bottom of the case (its not over any gasket surface). The cylinders look OK, but I sure they will need bored. Carbs look good too. Manifolds are good.

    Any thoughts??

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    Welcome to the board!
    hard to say with out some up and we'll be able to help ya.

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    If the motor is as bad as you say, "crack in case" just look for another good motor,, might be expensive to rebuild since you are needing cases.

    You might find a decent used motor in the off season..

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    i have a 787 in a 96 xp i just picked up when i brought it to program the key it has 116 hours total!! it has 165psi in cyl 1 and 163 in cyl 2, paints chipped a bit on the outside but i am considering parting it out, just bought a new starter for it as it is going bad

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    Just an update --

    I finally got the flywheel off and opened up the crankcase. It looks like the connecting rod was dragging on the bottom of the crankcase. Thats were all of the metal shavings came from. I'm pretty sure that this block is history. The crank could be rebuilt, but I'm a little skeptical about doing it myself. I'm just going to look for another block and crankshaft. The rotary valve and intake manifold have some pretty deep gouges too. I think I can mill the intake manifold down and make a new rotary valve. I've got a little machine called a wire EDM that could crank out an awesome rotary valve....

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