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    701 Waveraider not running right.... HELP

    I have a 1995 Raider 701. The ski has a FACTORY PIPE, MSD, SOLAS, BOYESEN REEDS, RIVA Filters. I had it in storage for over 3 years and pulled it out to try and get it running. I drained the fuel tank and refilled it with fresh fuel. I also replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs. I checked the compression and it has 150 psi in the front cylinder and 140 psi in the rear. I can't get the ski to run consistently. I already rebuilt the carbs except I didn't replace the needle and seat. The engine fires but will not stay on. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? I was planning on chaging the needle and seat but I pulled them out and they look pretty good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Could I possibly have an ignition/CDI issue???

    The engine fires but only stays on a second or 2..... even giving it some gas doesn't help...

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    so it fires???? you mean it starts and runs a bit or only while cranking it fires??

    try splashing some fuel down the carb throats and see if it fires up on that,,

    post back

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    I've tried that... pretty much does the same thing.... it fires while starting but turns off right away... if I hold the throttle open a little while starting it it will start and accelerate a little and then die. It's very frustrating.....

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    ok so it only runs when you are pressing the start button, but dies when you let off the button??

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    Also, was it running right when it went into storage; did you winterize it for storage (what did you do prior to storage); and was it in completely dry, temperature controlled storage or could there be moisture (or even flat out water) that collected anywhere?

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    i'm not sure if understand... yes it runs while i'm starting it but turns of quickly... it does run when I release the start button but only for a second.. what do you think?

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