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    Calling all Raider and Venture 1100 mechanics. Crank seals position.

    Welp, having a hard time trying to figure out the Black & white photos in the manual when it comes to CS seal position . Now something tells me that the ARMS, FEET or whatever you want to call them, face away from the crankshaft bearings on both front and rear seals.

    Now it should go in with the single lip seal with the arms facing away from the crank shaft, followed with double lip seal with flat side facing the crank, right?

    Thanks for help!

    EDIT: Now I've read to epoxy the seals in place. Good idea?

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    There seems to be a .024"- .026" gap around the crank case in some spots, with crank and seals in with no yamabond, just trying to align the crank shaft with dowels and seems to be lining up nicely. And there's a reman crank, true and welded. It would seem you need to put a decent bead in order to cover the gap with some squish.

    Put a straight edge on the mating surfaces of the crank case halves and seem to be pretty straight. Just hate to start torquing the case together, only to pull it apart.

    For those who have done this, is this normal prior to torquing with crankcase and bracket bolts?

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    131 views and no response?

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    sounds correct with Double lip in and single lip out,, I have heard they are prone to popping out, Glue them in,,,,,,sure but it may still blow the seal inside out if the machine is prone to back fires,

    Yamabond or threebond on the case halves,

    seems the halves should lay down maybe with a slight gap but a consitent all the way around before torquing,

    I have not opened up the bottom end of a triple.

    post results back

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    Actually, according to the manual it says to put the single lip first, followed with the double lip. It would seem that the seals, in order to fit must have the single lip with arms facing away from the crank and with the double lip on the outside with the flat side facing the crank.

    Just want to make sure . I'll post pics latter today if I have to after work.

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    yes post pics,,

    sounds like you all ready have the info that was needed

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    Here you go. Hopefully the picture is detailed enough, unlike the B&W pic in the manual .

    EDIT: Lil' blurry, but should be detailed enough.

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