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    To swap or not?? Rxp vs gprxp

    I have a 05 RXP that im currently building a motor for. I have the chance to pick up a 03 GP1300 with a basket case motor fairly cheap. What are the pros and cons of a GPRXP vs the standard RXP hull??? Im not going to be into long distance top speed runs as much as I want a ski that will be strong in the 1/8 mile and as a rec ski-grudge matches on the lake are rairly longer than 1/8. Lets here all the opinions-thanks in advance

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    Well GPRxp's dont have the delam problem that the rxp have. RXP's have better hook up stock than a GPR hull GPR is more efficent than a RXP. I personally like the look of the GPR better. i am trying to build exactly what you are talking about right now.

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