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    New Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses Matte Black 03-464 w/ Black irridium lenses

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    bump for a good guy and a great deal!

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    thanks homie!

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    i got 3 pairs of 2009 flack jackets different colors mint conditon i would trade you, it'l be an even trade same value, I also use one pair thats perfect for jetsking, i got the flotable strap. and all cases and boxes. pm if interested i'l send you the pics

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    Im not really into those.. too 'traditional' looking for me. Im really just trying to get my money back. I bought a pair of white gascans with smoke lenses in place of these. They fit my face better.

    I thought these would have sold by now. Im asking $50+ less than retail and they are brand new.

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    For $80 I am surprised it took so long....

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    Me too. I thought they would be gone in 24hrs.

    The regular black ones with smoked lenses are 120 at the mall (sunglass hut) plus tax. These were NOT cheap sunglasses with the black irridium lenses...

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    Hi rudy J,
    I am looking for the Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses. I want use these sunglasses for cycling in the morning. I want to know I these Sunglasses Polarized or Non-polarized.

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