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    First time GPS'ing my Raider

    According to my Yamaha manual, my raider should be able to hit 45.4 mph, and today on the GPS, I made it to 45.3! Not fast by today's standards, but for stock Raider, except for an intake grate, that's not *too* shabby.

    I'm surprised that the engineers made such a good prediction. That sets a benchmark to see what I can improve on

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    I wonder if the stock grate would get you more speed?
    I know my JD grates slow my Blasters down.

    How is the pipe deal goin'?

    That guy get back to you on that one?

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    I think it might, and some are saying to cut the center two bars for speed. One of mine is already broken anyway, but I don't feel like switching it back. I could also shim the ride plate, which is supposed to help, but maybe only on glass. I read that somewhere, but don't remember exactly what it said.
    Pipe guy never got back to me, which is a bit of a piss off. There's another guy who has one for sale, that I've bought stuff off of, and I'm considering it, but the first one was such a good deal

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