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    seadoo rx2000 running problem

    hallo.. i have a problem with my seadoo its a model rx2000. the problem is when i turn it on its run with 1/4 of trottle very good it reach 5000 rpm but when i give it full trotle it doesn t ride good its like running very bad.. but i think its the small air compresser in the side.. thats make air to the fuel injector because when i take the small hose out some times a litlle bit of water comes out can anybady please help me ??

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    Just for clarity, from now on make sure and call it an RXDI. That way people know what it is since the carbed and fuel injected engines are quite different in important ways.

    Now, has that engine ever been flooded with water?

    Have you run it on the hose lately?

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    nop but its very strange . i had put my seadoo in the water then took a ride it when very good like for 30 minute. but lately a let it in the water then came 1 hour later to run it but it wasnt starting very fast . i pulled out the small hose thats comes from the small compresser and its start fast.. from the small hose is comming allot of air with allot of pressure and water its sound strange :S i think is the seall in the compresser because their is a hose to cool the small piston in the compressor but if the seal is broke water can comes in. i cleand the injectors their was a little bit of water. that water comes from the small compresser :S please help me

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