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    Why the idiots??

    Why are there so many retards on the water? Even when it gets cold out they still venture out....I almost got clipped twice today on the stand up by some idiot on some big yamaha. I always keep my distance becuase its only my first season with a stand up an im ok with it. But to come 100 yards twards me an cut infront of my twice is uncalled for....I went ballistic on the water.

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    Unfortunatly "You can't fix stupid"

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    Quote Originally Posted by stl_sl650 View Post
    Unfortunatly "You can't fix stupid"
    No, but you can wait for them at the boat ramp.

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    They rent Jet Skis on Clear Lake where we ride, I notice if I cut across the lake near there these "dorks" always ride, They ride out to you to do what I have no clue, basically with improper headings and as you say cut back with no clue as to what they are doing...

    Problem with waiting for them at the boat ramp is there are witness's

    be nice if you could just hand them a 5000 lbs anchor while out riding

    you are not alone

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