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    Winterizing, a question about anti freeze

    I have been reading over this:
    Allot of great info but I do have one concern before I do the process.

    Step 2 refers to adding anti freeze with aluminum protection. I was going to order some Amsoil Antifreeze but I read in other parts of the forums that I may not need it? I have a 96 SL700, can anyone offer me winterizing advice for my specific ski? Thanks much!

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    I just use the pink RV antifreeze from the auto parts store or wally world...not as harmful to the lakes in the spring time as the automotive stuff.

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    anti freeze

    We also use rv anti freeze for yrs never had a problem

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    Winterizing your Polaris

    Polaris did design their 2-stroke engines to be self draining of water (except the 1992-1993 Fuji with crank case cooling).

    One of the keys is to lift the nose of the trailer up as high as possible, at least for a minute or so. This ensures that water trapped in the cooling hoses and low spots has a chance to drain out the back.

    The Ficht fuel injected engines require the nose lift, to get the water out of the stator cover and EMM.

    I run the engine for a few seconds while tilted up high, and burp the throttle firmly a couple of times to push excess water out of the water box.

    Here are some more threads on winterizing for winter.


    To winterize or not to winterize


    Propylene glycol anti-freeze is the type that you want.

    How to winterize....

    winterizing 93 sl750


    Question about winterizing an SLH

    polaris slt780 winterizing

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