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    need more speed xlt 1200

    just got my xlt up and running perfect since i got it two weeks ago,so its a 2001 xlt d plate,rejet carb with riva air filters,intake grate r&d ride plate r&d ,pump shoe kit,it has a solas but i dont know what pitch now the thing is am only doing 52.7 gps at 7000 RPM so what do i need to go faster i want at least 60 gps

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    are your powervalves opening up to the correct limit?

    if you are doing 52mph (83km/h) @ 7000rpm, then there is something very wrong about your setup / prop / engine.

    why did you rejet? what to? was it for these so called "power filters" ? did riva make yet another claim on massive speed and power increases for a flame arrestor?

    I ran an XLT with bone stock motor, pv couplers, waveater clips, stock ride plate, maxiloader intake, solas 13/19 and PPK @ 64 mph (103km/h) no holes cut in airbox, no rejetting, no special fuel.

    so..... check those PV's are opening and get some second / third opinions on the jetting you have done. Oh, and get that [rop measured / repitched

    hope you get your speed back

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    i will have to check the power valves, my carbs were dead so i got a set of carbs that was allready rejet with t handle etc its low 110 H 125 jets thanks for the info

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    any other tips for more speed?

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    What is your compression? you can send your head off to get cut for 145-150 psi and gain some speed. Also, if you have a standard R&D plate you should send it to Jims Performance to pick up another 3mph or so on that plate. You would also probably see a nice increase in your launch by getting a Jetworks kit. Jim also sells a "handling kit" for the XLT that will get that hull out of the water, but the handling can be very unpredictable at speed. I have this setup on my XLT and its fast but I really don't recommend it.

    It might be a little overpropped but not much if you are still turning 7000 rpm, it probably has a stock 13/19 in it, I would leave the prop and look to add speed in other areas as stated above because since you are already turning 7000 rpm if you de-pitch and then do motor mods (head cut) you might then be running too many RPM's.

    Then if thats not enough you can get to the other speed items.... VF3 reeds... Advent... ported 1390's

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    Your speed is low for even a bone stock XL. You need to work on the mods you already have before adding anything else. You should do some research on this website and look at each mod in detail. I would definitely do a search on jetting with flame arrestors (proper jetting and flame arrestors does make more power) and pay special attention to pump shoe and ride plate fit-up. Ride plate and pump shoe is a sensitive area that can rob or reward you speed. I would think you should be around the 60 mph with the mods listed.

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    Thanks guys for the info were can i send the head to cut and how much is that

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    What is the best prop after i cut the head

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddogSXM View Post
    What is the best prop after i cut the head

    stock is actually 12/18

    go the solas concord

    personally I'd piss the plate off altogether, you should easily see 60mph with a stock ride plate.

    oh, and QSTS in up position

    you dont weigh 330 pounds or anything do ya? just asking

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    lol nah 180lbs qsts up position

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