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    03 GTX 4tec troubleshooting question

    I have a 03 GTX 155 NA jetski that the last 2 times I've had to the lake its displayed a problem I never had before:
    1st time wife was riding, jetski cold just started up, idled out of the no wake zone, and buzzer sounded as soon as she gave it gas. She got scared and idled back to the shore and turned off. I then got on it and we never had the same problem the rest of the day??

    We took it out again yesterday, and this time I got on it first, started up and was idling out of the no wake zone. As soon as I started to give it gas, the buzzer sounded (one long beep) and on the display it showed 'oil'. I then turned it off and started up a couple of times, and it did the same thing. But, after about the 4th time it stopped and was fine the rest of the day.

    One other note, I changed the oil in between the 2 trips; oil level was good prior to changing the oil, and 1/2 way between the marks after changing the oil like I see on Greenhulk is the right level.

    I was going to try and see if I can get any codes to show up tonight when I get a chance to look at it again. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    The '03 engines had problems with the oil sensors. There's one in the front of the engine and one in the rear. They are around $25/each. I bought both, changed the front sensor and it's been good for 4-5 years... Ron

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