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    1993 sl 750 fuel pump question

    As some of you already know I'm in the prossess of installing the eng in the boat and had some quetions concerning the fuel sys schematic. The responces I recieved helped alot. One more question, I know that I should be running the triple outlet pump. But just to get the engine running I would like to use the original single outlet pump. My qustion is the pump has a large and a small diafram housing, I know where all the lines come off the large housing but there is a clear tube off the small housing. Where dose that line go? Thanks for the help so far.

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    If you are talking about a small round housing mounted to the fuel pump, that is the auto cock valve. Polaris recommended that it should be removed.

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    If you mean this

    Trash it!!!!!!!!

    And cap the fitting for the hose air tight.......

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