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    Cleaning Threads

    Does anyone have a good way to clean the bolts holes in the crankcase. I really don't want to use taps because I could damage the threads. I need to get the remaining loctite out of the bolt holes. If I can't get all the loctite how much of can remain on the threads and bolts themselves.

    After searching (yes Fullboogie I used the search engine) numerous threads on rebuilding engines, one of the points that everyone makes is to take your time and be meticulous on the prep work (mainly matting surfaces). I have seen an item called a Thread Cleaner Chaser but I can't find them locally and the few I have found on the Internet are standard or they are regular Taps someone is calling a Thread Cleaning Chaser.

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    Just send the cases to a macine shop and have them wash them. It will get all the crud out. The guy by my house charges me 5.00 per set of cases. Usually when I pick them up he says dont worry about it.

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    I use a dull tap..doesnt cut any out of the hole...

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    Yes thread chaser (Roll) taps in metric are hard to find. I use regular taps buy hand with a tee handle.

    Here is a source for metric roll taps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Yes thread chaser (Roll) taps in metric are hard to find. I use regular taps buy hand with a tee handle.

    Here is a source for metric roll taps.
    +1 never a problem!

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    +1. Chasing threads is always a good idea even if the parts have been cleaned.

    Good info.

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    I use a Tap but I run it in my cordless drill, I have been tapping holes like this for years. I do not recommend it for a novice though, I buy only high quality machine taps, I have no use for any sold at the auto parts stores. You should have no issue doing them by hand with a tee handle.

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    I will take a bolt and modify it by cutting in a groove to clean out the threads. Maybe some day I will post a pic of one. That and all the other pics I am supposed to post.

    Thread chaser is the best bet, followed by a tap. A tap when used a second or third time in the same hole will open up the threads. I only know this from working in a machine shop and using thread gauges.

    When I clean out a hole on a V8 at work, I only use a thread chaser. If it is metric and we just don't happen to have that size and I need it NOW, I use a worn out tap.

    Whatever you use, make sure to keep backing it out and clean out the tap/threads.

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