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    RXP in fresh water 130 hours no major mods...

    what would you think? (as a potential buyer) I dont think that's many at at all, but maybe I'm crazy. It's an 04 model.

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    The thing that scares me about buying one of these RXPs used is the fact that you dont know how the original owner broke the ski in! Alot of dealers tell them to use the learning key and some just go by the book both of which SUCK for breakin IMO

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    I feel if I were to buy one from someone I know like yours or mine. I would be fine with it and just take the SCer out first thing and do the metal washiers... PERIOD. Not one ride without them.

    Breakin... What a joke IMO. It is still gonna run ok...

    BUT that is JMO... Not a harsh response.

    DID it SELL???? If not I may have a buyer for you. If you can hook him up. He wants one only in green are he would of bought my 05 already.


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