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    2001 Polaris Genesis PWC

    The display went out on my 2001 Polaris Genesis PWC and the speedometer is stuck at 40mph. How do I reset this, or where is the fuse that might have blown?

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    Unplug the display connector behind the display.
    Also unplug the small clear plastic hose on the back of the display.

    Wait a minute, then plug the electric connector back in.

    If the speedo needle doesn't go full sweep and then reset to zero, then the display has probably failed.

    If it doesn't wake up at all, then check for power between the Red/Purple (or Red/White) wire and the Black wire at that connector.

    If the display does wake up properly, and the needle resets to zero, then check the small hose for blockages.

    You can force some compressed air or water down the hose, which might dislodge a clog in the pitot fin under the hull. You should be able to see/hear the flow coming out the pitot fin.

    Or just wiggle under the hull, and visually insect the little hole in the leading edge of the pitot fin, just inside the intake grate front edge.

    Also check that the hose is not loose or kinked under the drive shaft. It can be hard to see down there, use a small mirror

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