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    Polaris Hurricane - help please

    I have a 97 cane with second gen. elec. upgrade. While attempting to re-route the water in hope of a performance gain - I over heated the ski sedning it into limp mode. After speaking to Randy at WatCon - I disconnected both the tan & gray wires from the board..which did not take the ski out of limp mode. So I ordered a new CDI ( the stock unit which is now obsolete for my application ) - after removing the existing CDI, I then realized the stock CDI which I had just bought would not mount up.

    So I then put the upgraded CDI which I thought was bad back into the ski. Now it runs great - only problem is the ski does not start consistently. Could this be the start stop switch - or CDI...??? I am very confused - any help we be greatly appreaciated. Also I have a useless to me, new CDI P.N. 4060148 for sale.

    Thank you...!!!

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    Where is the red/purp from the cdi connected? Polaris had a bulletin to move it from the red/pur terminal to the orange terminal to help with intermittant starting issues.

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    I'll open the box up this evening & try moving the red/purple over to the orange terminal...Thanx for your help straflight...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ko2 View Post
    I'll open the box up this evening & try moving the red/purple over to the orange terminal...Thanx for your help straflight...!!!
    Not just any Red/Purple wire

    The Red/Purple wire from the actual CDI module, and only that Red/Purple wire, gets moved to the Orange terminals.

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    Service Bulletin PWC-00-05
    Move CDI Red/Purple wire to Orange terminal for reliable engine restarts

    Applies to all domestic engine Polaris PWC, two and three cylinder engines 1996-2000 (and possibly some 2001)
    All later domestic engines were wired this way from the factory.
    How the LR module controls domestic CDI power, and ensures reliable warm re-starts

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    Got it - only the red/purple from the CDI..Also thank you for the links K447...!!!

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    PN 2460928 does not exist on any Polaris OEM parts finder web site (page 43)

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    Wow...only $13.10...Thanx beerdart - I just double checked Polaris origional parts finder & it's listed there also...I must have typed the # incorrectly...Thanx again to all...!!!

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