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Thread: gpr 800 seizure

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    gpr 800 seizure

    A friends 800R PTO piston seized this past weekend cause the oil line popped off on the carb. Haven't taken the head off yet but compression is only 75psi so we know it's going to need some parts. Taking the head off tonight (Japan time) to see the damage. In the meantime, I have a question:

    Are the 800R cylinders nickasil like the 1200R cylinders?

    If yes - where can you send them to get repaired (assuming the cylinder is damaged)

    If no - I presume they can be bored out?

    Finally - what are the different colors on the piston parts breakdown?

    Thanks for your help - greatly appreciated,


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    yes the cylinders can be renicked. They are designed just like the 12/13's just different porting. You can send them to Millenium or US CHROME. for the repairs. There are a different piston sizes for the cylinders. Each size just a hair different the the other. You need the code from the top of the piston in the ski to order you new ones.

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    I have a 03 gp800r {54hrs}in my garage right now that I took apart last week an the #2 oil line was off. The piston was hurt and the cylinder. SBT new piston kit{$89} bearing{$14.99} millenium technologies{$189}.... Reuse gaskets and thats it

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