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    took posession of my beast

    well i got the 05' rxp with the mod's in my sig and i took it out to the lake for a quick 10 min spin before i got home.....first impressions:

    - i feel like i am on top of the machine and the world compared to my older gtx di

    -the sound is monstrous compared to the gtx di, kinda like a v8 sound lol

    -i dont know how you stage 3ers can handle the speed.....this speed is crazy!!!!!....obviously it say's 70 on the dreamometer but with the mod's i have i should gps at 69ish....that will be a later post

    -the ski kinda blows on going through wakes but man o man does it blast off those wakes,obviously its diff cuz my gtx di used to blow through waves

    i took it to lacey, nj today where my friend lives on the beach....and well this ski is frightening in the ocean......honestly i am scared shitless of this ski....but all in all im happy with it

    i would like comments or concerns or tips on how i should go about riding(aggresive or conservative like i have been)

    question about vts: i had it in the middle and it was good but then i started messing with it and put it all the way down and i felt like i was getting better control of the ski i dont know, what the hell does it do and where should i move the bar at which conditions

    thnak guys!....pic's soon to come

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    Congrats man, that is a great feeling isn't it?

    Have fun...


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    VTS adjusts the angle of the steering nozzel.....trim it down to put more of the bow into the water & therefor have better steering......trim up to lift the bow out of the water to create less drag and go will have looser steering..... it can also help to control the boat in rough water & improve the ride.

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