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    Thumbs up 2002 F12x Exaust elbow MELTING?

    Ive just came across this website. I like the forums much better than others ive seen. Being my first post, I have a problem with a F12X. I Replaced the plastic exaust elbow that the rubber exaust hose clamps on to before exiting the hull for a customer. It created a massive exaust leak and the engine would go into a limp mode and barely run. (Choking no Oxygen). I replaced the elbow and the ski ran fine, didnt seem to get too hot and ran great. The ski was ran for about 5 hours that weekend and the same thing happend. The plastic elbow completely melted. When I run the ski on a hose it seems to flow water fine. The engine stays cool along with the exaust. I replaced the elbow once more and took the ski out for about 10 minutes and the exaust got WAY to hot it seems. All the cooiling lines are flowing water that i take off while running. IM not sure if the turbo could be getting that hot? Ive not put a temp guage on it yet, Will do when i have time this week. ANY one have any Ideas on what could cause this? Any help would be great. I dont work on too many hondas for mechanical malfunctions. Mainly just routine service so this one has me stumped!!

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    There is a very small hole in the Exhaust Body where cooling water flows from into the water box. It clogs easy and cause the problems you descried.

    Check it first.


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    Ok thanks for the info! There was some small shells clogging it up a little bit! About to take it for a ride and see if that changed anything!!

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