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    Thumbs up Honda F12 Flywheel removal?

    I have a 2003 F12 that threw a rod through the side of the block. I bought a new engine so im in the process of swapping everything over to the new engine. I got stuck on removing the flywheel from the old engine. After Stripping out the Flywheel bolt and breaking the joint that drives the oil pump, I discoverd that the Bolt has Reverse threads. I was getting pissed thinking My Impact was strong enough to bust the bolt loose Ive got the bolt out now, But before i go any farther I figured I would ask if theres a special Flywheel removal tool I need to removed the flywheel? I have a 2 jaw puller I was planning on using to bust it loose. But Dont want to tear anything else up. Anyone have a quick Tip on getting this flywheel off?? Thanks in advance!

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    The flywheel bolt has Left hand threads..

    Do NOT attempt to remove the flywheel with a 2 jaw puller. Instead use the correct Honda tool or make one similar.

    Look inside the flywheel hub and you will see the 20mmX1.5mm Thread. Make a tool or buy the Honda 07733-0020001 tool.

    I use the Honda factory tools.


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