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    Bad move, broke new ring, now what to do?

    What a dope, I am rebuilding a 1996 Polaris slt 700 domestic engine and I have to get it done and out of where it is in the next two days. So, I broke the lower ring on one of the standard size new wsm-pistons. So now what do I do?
    The ski had one good cylinder, so I first thought I would just have to reuse the lower ring on the good piston, but it wont fit since the RIK piston ring has a taper to it, the factory ring does not. So, now I am looking at reusing the old piston, old ring, and new upper ring (which appears identical).

    Well, the next problem is the weight- the new wsm piston/wrist pin combo weighs 16.65 oz, while the factory piston/wrist pin weighs 15.90 oz., meaning what? Is the weight difference significant on a two cylinder?

    The ring set is a RIK Polaris 700/1050 standard pn 010-932, set no. 40013, 81mm in case anyone has a lower ring or both they want to sell. thanks in advance for any comments. Any chance this ring is used on other stuff that I might find locally?

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    can you expidite a new set of rings?? That would be best bet,, and if you have to plead to keep it where it is for an extra day that is what I would do....

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    Well, about 3:30 it was plan to buy one and have it overnighted, but I could not find a vendor on the internet who actually had a phone I could call and say "do you have it, can you get it out today" so I will try again tomorrow. any ideas on who has a phone and keeps wsm parts would be appreciated.

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    Man i'd like to meet that nun and get her to re-concider her lifestyle

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea-one View Post
    Man i'd like to meet that nun and get her to re-concider her lifestyle

    you should see her out on a jet ski... pure magic

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    I will try Atlantic. I cant stand to do it iffy. Grrrrr. I may install it all and just pull the head and put in the new piston and rings when I get them. It looks like I can leave the head all put together, loosely bolt it all up and not coat the gaskets, and then pull the jug (with head attached) and associated parts and put the rings on. Then i can get the engine installed and get all that work done. Am I missing anything? I remember pulling the exhaust manifold was a pain.

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    you could also hit up ebay and find the rings, then do a contact info lookup on the seller, call and ask for overnight.

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