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    Renault F1 Team's Staged Accident

    What do you guys think about Renault's F1 Team ordering Nelson Piquet Jr. to intentionally crash in Singapore?

    Its shocking to me. If you stage an accident and someone is killed, it can be charged as Murder 1. How reckless can you get and for what?

    The punishment seems very light to me. Driver is granted immunity and walks away. Renault can't do it again for 2 years.

    Is this staging of accidents common in pro motor sports?
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    earnhardt jr. did something to cause a caution a few years ago, don't think they let him slide on it either.

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    Junior did that at Bristol because his car was really bad and he was about to go a lap down, so he mentioned something didn't feel right in the car right before he "spun" with the leader coming up behind him. There was no direction from his team to do so, and they could not prove he did it on purpose because he was complaining his car was "loose and about to spin"

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    It's ridiculous what they did and they will probably be paying the price. They will most likely be terminated from the league. It takes a lot of the fun out of this sport when u do crap like that. On the bright side if they do they are going to cancel out all the points earned on that race. Meaning Hamilton will lose his 3 points and Felipe massa will be last years champion. needless to say it will be interesting. It might go both ways though the entrance of lotus and the departure of BMW will play a role in the decision but they will most likely just cancel out.

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