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    02 Virage quiting on me

    got a 2002 Virage that i just stuck in a new SBT motor in it. my problem that im about to explain was there before the motor swap. reason for the swap was my crank went out but anyways.. Youd ride the ski for a good 15 or 20 minutes then all of a sudden it would shut off like you pulled on the teather. it will not restart for the life of you. one time before the motor swap i was stranded in the middle of the main channel, sat and floated for 20 minutes then it started right back up and right to the dock i went. Today same things happend..stuck in the main channel would start fpr the life of me. an hour passed and it still wouldnt start. finally got it on the trailer and took home then tried firing it and it did. ran great for 2 minutes then would start back up. i think i have an ignition spark issue here. anyones Virage ever done this same thing? need help here please..

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    You can start by checking the spark next time it shuts down.. sounds more like a fuel problem to me

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    you need to do some trouble shooting...

    1- is there spark when it will not start?
    2- is there fuel?

    post back on the spark issue

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    The two problems may not be related.

    Did this machine ever run properly for you?

    Is this a carburetor engine, or fuel injected?
    Two cylinder, or three?

    The engine stopping by itself could be ignition, fuel, or even heat related.

    Have you checked inside the electrical box for moisture or corrosion?

    If it is a carburetor engine, the 'no-restart when warm' may be the classic domestic CDI issue. Confirm that your CDI is indeed connected to the Orange wire for power.

    Service Bulletin PWC-00-05
    Move CDI Red/Purple wire to Orange terminal for reliable engine restarts

    Applies to all domestic engine Polaris PWC, two and three cylinder engines 1996-2000 (and possibly some 2001)
    All later domestic engines were wired this way from the factory.
    How the LR module controls domestic CDI power, and ensures reliable warm re-starts

    The Virage uses a Start/Stop control module (LR-505).

    Check that the switches on the handlebar are not corroded, and that the wires are not abraded or shorting anywhere between electrical box and the switches.

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

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