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    Has anyone fit a rear exhaust on the RXT-X?

    So I was shoping for a rear exhaust for my RXT-X, but someone told me that the stock IC is in the way of the exhaust tube! So i asked a friend to lend me his exhaust, and tried it at home, and in fact there is no room for it without relocating the IC.

    All you guys that got the rear exhaust, have you all relocated your IC? Isn't there another way to do it?

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    If I am not mistaken for a rear exhaust you must relocate the IC and also remove the opas. A free flow exhaust allows you to keep the IC in same location and opas.

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    I put on an exhaust system on my T and left the opas on. You just have to get creative. You need to remove the one tie down on the left side and drill your hole. this makes a straight shot. I used a Riva exhaust outlet, 2.5 inch metal exhaust tube cut to fit ,a 90% rubber hose off water box. Been working fine sense January 08. Its not rocket science just something I had to have. Makes the ski sound better. I've done all my ski's the same way. Nothing fancy, just works.

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    You could go to a j pipe setup and then the gh box, tdr box, or riva would allow you to clear the stock ic location.

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    Rear exhaust RXTX

    We put a Riva water box on my TX... there is no room at all. It took a very long time. took opas off but did not relocat the inter cooler. Rear exhaust kit and water box from riva.. I would say it took 8 hour or more just messing with it to all get hooked up. Not FUN at all. Sounds great.

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    That's what i am afraid... No room at all. I'm going to try and build a custom exhaust using the riva end tip. I have no OPAS, so no problem there. Anyone got photos of a TX with a custom exhaust, or with the shorty waterbox and the Riva exhaust?

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