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    Tips on building a 900 motor

    I picked up a 900 motor and I plan to do a conversion... Anyway I am familiar with the 2 cylinder yami and kawi's. The triple is a new avenue for me. Besides maybe cleaning up ports can someone maybe give me some small tips on what to look for and maybe to increase longevity n powah.

    I did use the search for this and didnt see much for the 900 but a lot for the 1100 is there a reason?

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    Thats because the 1100 has WAY more power. I know I have 2 STXs a 900 & a 1100. The 900 isn't bad BUT the 1100 has way more balls. Riding the 1100 with 2 adults aboard is like riding the 900 by yourself.

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    I see, well I wish I could have picked up the 1100 but this 900 came along and for the price it was hard to let it pass by. How is your 900 on just the hole shot vs the 1100, no comparison?

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    The 1100 is at least 20% hole shot better than the 900 but burns the same if not less fuel than the 900...why i have no clue

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    Well since the 1100 has more torque the motor most likely has a much easier time moving the weight of the ski around vs the weaker 900 with the same weight? Bascially you use more throttle to get in the torque band of the motor. But I am using this motor in a different hull so weight shouldnt be my issue... =]

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    why dont you cross reference part numbers the crankin the 9 might be the same as the 11, like the yamahas alot of the stuff from the 11 raider is the same as a 12 gp. if they are the same most likely the bore is the big difference along with jets which can easily be changed.

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