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Thread: polaris project

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    polaris project

    looking for the next project. If you have a cheap ski your looking to get rid of let me know. Im open to about any ski. thanks Rus

    Near PA

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    you might want to try craigslist...not exactly sure where you live but in the midwest there is a LOT of SL and SLT early model skis in the st.louis and kansas city areas. I am talking $300-600 with trailer and mostly running needing TLC or needing a piston that kind of thing.

    I know there were a bunch in the new york and boston areas recently as well.

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    i know of an msx140 my uncle is trying to get rid of. used to be my ski..rear crank bearing went and pretty much took out the rear piston, probly did some work on the crank and the rear cylinder could use a good clean up. pretty much same thing that happened with my slx. looks like it ran lean and went poof.

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    well found another slt 780 for a good deal. Hopfully pick it up Thursday

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