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    calm, cool and....

    ...still got too much for my prop.

    I went out first thing this morning...looking for calm water and cooler temps.....found one....not so much of the other.

    E 62
    L 75
    ripples to light chop...drizzling rain.
    72.7 @ 8150

    I added 1mm to my prop....figuring I was close to the limiter last time drop the temp 20 degrees. I shoulda added at least 2mm....probably still woulda been too short. It's also making me wonder if I'm running too lean.

    Almost forgot....I also experienced cavitation for the first time since I've owned this ski.

    I really didn't figure I'd need a taller prop to run this set-up.


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    Yeah i did the same thing today with 75 degree water and 67 degree air i'm pretty hard on the rev limiter with a similar setup but my 14/19 has probably 3mm+. Time to put that thing to rest and try a 15/20. I didn't get a chance to gps it but in 85 degree air and water i was 74-75mph. Haven't had a problem all summer but i blew a charge pipe twice. I think my IC is pulling on the coupler a little bit. Boost was steady at 11psi. I need to get my GPS back so i can see what she's doing. I've just been content enough to ride this summer and haven't been too worried about numbers.

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    I'll go ahead and add the 2mm to the prop first. I figure I got one more run before hunting season shut's down my riding time. I'll have a lot to think about over the winter.

    The list, if not getting longer, keeps changing.

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