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    Dogbox Racing 8 second Evo!

    This is my neighbors drag car. Its a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo. Little 2 liter motor with a big turbo, some healthy octane and a real good driver... This car is running on an Aem standalone and is curently running "low boost" at 45 lbs. No intercooler on a turbo set up . Currently this is one of the worlds fastest Evo's. The car is still being worked out and has ran 3 high 8 second passes in the last week all at 167+mph in the 1/4 mile. I figured you motor heads would get a kick out of the car. Heres some dyno pulls and a few passes the secod video was an 8.75 second pass @ 169 mph... Enjoy

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    Impressive. Pruven Performance is a local shop that builds fast evos. There are a few 1000hp evos in the neighborhood.

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    They need a tongs for that grill!

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    not into drag racing or evo's.... but it's still pretty amazing the power a small 4cyl can produce

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    Nice b00bies @ around the 3:40 mark!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viggen View Post
    not into drag racing or evo's.... but it's still pretty amazing the power a small 4cyl can produce
    +1 that much power out of a 2liter motor is amazing. I respect the engineering of the evo but it has the body of a lancer. Lancers are POS cars.

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