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    "Quick" morning offshore ride

    This morning after getting off of work I went straight to the Miami Beach Police ramp to hit the water:

    Probably in the water and warming up around 7am.

    Then using my Garmin Nuvi 550 set up in the glove box I was able to use this site to upload all the riding I did today.

    85 Mile ride...

    Very cool site that lets you upload the track log directly from the GPS and then you can go through afterwards and check speed and time it took you to do everything on your ride. Anybody else ever use this site to track their rides? I'll definitely be using it from now on on every ride, its just very cool info to have. Easier to share too than getting screen shots on Google Earth

    The Good old FXHO started with a full tank and after almost constant full throttle riding came back with quarter tank when I hit the ramp at Noon.

    Offshore was pretty choppy with anything from 1-2ft rollers to 3-4ft ugliness.

    If you notice on the GPS track on the way back i was riding much slower and making alot more stops, thats basically because the stupid grips plus nasty chop had basically eaten some nice blood blisters into both my hands which became incredibly uncomfortable and made it very difficult to ride at any type of speed......Must.... remember..... gloves next time!

    Otherwise it was a great ride with awesome weather, it was great looking west and seeing most of South Florida clearly being drenched in thunderstorms while the beaches were nice clear and sunny with an awesome breeze. At many points some of the storms came close enough to shore to give you that drop in pressure and cooling effect before a storm but never came offshore.

    Sadly I'm selling the ski so I'm trying to get in as much riding as possible before it goes.....

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    Good report. Great way to spend a morning!

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    Wow, cool site!! You can even 'play' the trip. Thanks for the link!

    Here's some trips I have done.

    Bimini (of course):

    Kissimmee River last week:

    My usual ride down here in the Keys:
    For this trip it used the track twice? Don't know why it did that, it was only a 107 mile trip. I deleted it and tried again, same result.

    EDIT: Seemed to use part of the track twice in the Bimini log too.

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