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    PSI Numbers-- 95 slt-stock

    I checked compression after the last trip on the lake testing.
    Took the readings this morning. Mag-125,Center-144,pto-122. Maybe I should install rings and hone Mag cylinder and install the new bore n piston I have on the Pto. Might be able to get almost 150 a hole. That would be within the tolerences of 10% As It stands, its over the 10% right now. 10% of 144 is 14. Should be at least 130/hole to be 10%. But it seems to run great. Is it because it's the CENTER hole balanced with the 120's on the ends?.
    Should you even run this motor with the psi off? sounds like it could hurt something out of psi inbalance. Iv'e seen car engines with as low as 80 psi. not much torque but it ran. Seems like I have a TON of torque. For a stock 750. I'll check top speed today too. Winds will be 20 mph out of the west , so I'll be able to skim the water, head on into the wind.! The ski seems to float! If I hit 48-49.i'll be spot on. Thats downwind,down hill, no dog,leaning forward and shedding clothes and little or no gas! lol As the PRO 785 BLOWS BY ME LAUGHING. . I want a Pro 785. dead or alive. I think I'm addicted! lol The polaris bug bit me!

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    Don't worry about it. Just ride it and enjoy......

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