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    Unhappy 99 SLT-X 1050 Oil Pump?

    New owner on a 1999 SLT-X 1050cc 120hp marine ski. I had only one other polaris in my life time which was a trouble free 2003 MX 140. The unit I have now started giving me power loss the 3 time using it, kept shutting down and almost locked up at one point. I now see that the middle cylinder has only 90psi vs about 140 on the other 2 not sure if it's the first pump you go off on the compression tester or what it gets maxed after 4 or 5 pumps? Looks like I'll be doing a ring job since the piston still looks good thru the spark plug hole and just alot of carbon was found on the spark plug though that could change when the cylinder is removed. My question is on this model can I just plug off the main oil line and pre-mix? I'm not fond of premixing but I don't know what would have caused this problem so I figured it would be the cheapest pc of mind for now. I was also running quick silver synth blend outboard oil in the unit.

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    You may have a lean sieze going on. Check what's called piston wash. The domes of the pistons should have some clean spots near the intake ports of the cylinders. About the size of a finger nail. If the pistons are completely black, the engine isn't getting enough fuel.

    Look here for info on wash.

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    Yes, you can get a oil block-off kit and go pre-mix. Don't just plug off the main oil need to remove the oil pump and cap off the carb oil inlets. However, I don't believe the oil pump is the problem and it's most likely a carburetor issue with a lean condition.

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    Thumbs up Thanx guys

    Thanx for the welcome and feedback. The other 2 cylinder spark plugs look like they're burning great it's just that middle one that has carbon all over it since this last ride where it almost siezed. When I pulled the air cleaner cover off and pulled in on the throttle all the jets seemed to produce the same squirt amount into each carburator which looked to be plenty and all the oil lines seem to be intact and not brittle or broken. I know unfortunately there's probably a 100 different scenarios of what may have caused it without the cylinder being pulled off at this point. Where would the cheapest place be to get a ring kit and oil block off? also do these kits come with all the gaskets/hardware needed to perform the entire task? Any special tools required besides a ring compresser?

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