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    97,98,99 gp,best year?

    i know the gp were made for 3 years.i talking 1200s my buddy has a 98 w/mild work and i have a stock 99.woundering what thay changed on them for each year.i was told the 99 was longer and something with the jet nozzle degree.anybody got any other info?what was the best year of the gp1200?

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    99 IMO....

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    97' had the cracking issues with the lighter hull ,especially with the 1200's weight and came w/o trim tabs ( must be added aftermarket..)

    98' had the cracking issue pretty much solved (more reinforcement was added to the bottom)) ,early 98's did not have the tab's added yet but did get them added as a factory mod later in the year(most of these plastic ones lifted and broke off later,those should be replaced with metal..)

    99 had the hull properly modifyed with 'cast in' tab area and still using the the reinforced hull..

    as to the nozzel 'I am not sure' but my thought, the 97 came with the streight nozzel on the 1200/155,( i know its streight on the 760/144).In 98 the 1200 came with the 65u 5 deg nozzel, while the 760 still stayed with the 0/144.

    99 1200 had the 5 deg nozzel...

    yes ,as MP said ,the 99 would be the best ..

    Sucks they finally got the gp right, then stopped building it,along with the blasters (only built for world sale, not imported to the US)

    be cool to see Yami come out with a 4 stroke Blaster1 style 'HERE' with a GPR pump in it... Closest we got now in size and capability to 'play' like a GP, is the FZR...

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