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    Help..not right after rebuild

    Im a newbie who just did top end rebuild on a 2005 gp1300r.

    3 new pistons and a replated 3rd cylinder along with a d-plate and sensor.

    My previous 3rd cylinder was tore up as the circlips came out and did a lot of damage. I bought the ski this way (I know I got taken).

    I took it out today for the first time and only spent about 10 mins on it before pulling it out of the water. The engine sounds stronger and it does run better but its still not right. It is very slow taking off and if I try to spin it out or do a donut it just goes in a big circle. My friends 99 xlt is more fun. It seems to run pretty fast top end (65 without gps).

    compression 125 in all 3 before going out. I haven't checked it after going out today. All 3 plugs seem to be getting oil although #3 seemed a little dryer than the other 2. These are new plugs so they only have 5 - 10 mins on them.

    something is not quite right so I could use everyones help.

    What do I check first????

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    check compression first.

    -did you check ring clearance?
    -did you pull the whole motor apart? debris in the bottom end?
    -is your piston sized right for the newly plated cylinder? or are all 3 sized right?
    -did the motor feel unusually hot while you were running? #3 feel hotter?
    -what kind of top end kit?

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