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Thread: Setup Question

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    Setup Question

    Ok so this winter im thinking about doing a mini rude, rrfpr, and 48s on my rxpx. Would i have to change out my stock prop to a 15/22, and/or add a different nozzle to have it run properly?

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    in my opinion i would say yes to the 15/22 and id go to a 83mm ring....find yourself a stock rxp 215 nozzle and save some cash, stock opening is 83mm. either that or youll have to repitch your stock prop. be careful with that setup you will be coming very close to the "overstuff" speed on a rxpx

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    Get an R/D intake grate to help prevent the buck.... Work up to max speed slowly to see where, if any, your buck thresh hold is..

    Def. get a solas 4 blade and have it pitched by one of the guys on here... Erik, Duke, JD, Jerry... etc...

    TJ is spot on if you want to save some money just get an 83 mm nozzle from an RXP....

    That mini rude looks to be one hell of bargain!!

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    along with the 15/22 and the stock rxp nozzle which i agree 100% with, your also gonna need 50 pound injectors with that and a rrfpr, the mini rude makes 14psi at 8100.

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    Or a Les Cooke Re flash to 8400.... my b-kit makes about the same...

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