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Thread: Lake run today.

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    Lake run today.

    Well, went out to pontiac lake. It was almost smooth. They had the air boats races today . So I ended up on the other side of the lake putting the ski in. It ran good. I need the primer kit soon. I see why now. Always squirting pre-mix to start it.
    Took it out a few times but started to have an issue of not going to full rpms..about 4400 to 4800 was max. every other time today it was 6180-6200. So somethings up. not sure what. when I took it out the last time, I just took off and started to notice it wouldn't go wot. so I turned it around and parked it before any trouble. Was being fussy with idle. still a little low I think.
    Tied it to a tree and ran it in the water still connected looking for issues but it wasnt hot, it would start but wouldnt go over 4600 or so.
    Could that be a plugged something? or maybe not charging the battery losing rpms? hmmm. I need help diagnosing it. please.... Top speed was 44 with dog, me, and full tank of gas.
    the motor was doing this before when it was in the sl. Could be the carbs. they need a rebuild.

    finally got the vid up


    pontiac lake ride Video by Thomas william - MySpace Video
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