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    intermittent engine woes this weekend

    This is what happened...any ideas?
    Took it out Saturday morning ('07 GTI). Fresh fuel. Ran rough, would not go faster than 35 or so, sounded like a mis-fire, but occasionally would "clear up" for a moment and run to 50 or so, then sputter down to 30-35, on and on.
    Since we were only tubing and didn't need top speed, I ran it like that for a couple of hours. No errror messages that I noticed during the whole day.
    At the end of the day, all of the sudden she ran fine, as if nothing had happened. Sunday she also ran fine from the beginning, except now I got the "12 volt low" message.
    Are these incidents related? Do i possibly need a new battery? Unit has 54 hours, is 2 years old.

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    Check the voltage output while its running on the hose. If it's OK, then a new battery... had similar symptoms. 3 yr old battery.

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    Thanks Piney....

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