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    Lots of 951/1050 parts for sale

    I have the following for sale, all prices are shipped:

    Stock head milled for Rotax Racing flat top pistons. It has some pitting in one of the domes, but nothing on the sealing surface. $50

    Three Miller 91.95 pistons. Two are fine, and one has a small flat spot on the edge. Not sure if it would affect performance, but it's included if you want it. $120 for all of them

    Set of cylinders that have been ported by Deans Team for the Rotax Racing 91.89 pistons. They will need bored to the next size. $150

    Miller chrome head $250

    Miller 1050 49cc domes $80

    Miller 951 47cc domes $80

    Rave valves cut fot the 1050 setup. $45

    8 - 951 wrist pins $30

    6 - 1050 wrist pins with 4 wrist pin bearings $50

    Everything is best offer, it's just sitting around collecting dust. I am in need of a set of pistons for a 96xp. They need to be at least one over.

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    Stuff's gotta go, make an offer

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    Still all for sale.

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    Make me an offer, I need the money

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    i sent you a pm about the wrist pin, you never sent me your paypal.

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