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    Anyone have a 1200 Blaster?

    I'm looking at installing a 1200 into my Waveblaster (Wave Blaster one) so I'm looking for advice / insights from anyone who's done this.


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    Oh, I have a complete 1994 Blaster and a complete 1998 GP1200, that's the motivation for the engine swap.

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    Yes i have seen and ridden a waveblaster 1 with a triple 1100 motor. There is a video on you tube search DJSA races here in northern california. I belive the pump area was cut out and the donor ski waveraider 1100 155mm pump was fitted to it. the thing goes really fast and loud.

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    Art Sever at Engine Tech did this back in like 1999, he had a 93 blaster and put in a raider 1100, it was really quick, but not that fast, believe it or not, the blaster hull is not meant for TOP END SPEED!! lol

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