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    What a painful weekend!!!

    Headed to the lake yesterday in beautiful East Texas weather. Unloaded the ski (a 99 xlt 1200 with ppk kit and r&d intake grate) was out riding it and I could only get to like 49-50 on the speedometer. I figured my speedo was giving me fits because it usually says I am going 63-65. But after riding some it felt that much slower. I checked everything out and it all seemed to be ok, running fine. Went back out for a second run at wot and all of a sudden the ski goes straight left at wot and guess what? I went straight to the right. Hit my left foot on the ski hard as I was falling off it is all bruised and welped and hit the water back and neck first. Needless to say, I can barely turn my neck today. It even hurts to sneeze and swallow food haha. What could cause this and what could cause the loss of speed up to being thrown off?? I am scared to ride the thing again...That hurt like no other..I was dizzy after that fall....Any advice will help!!


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    Sounds like maybe your intake grate was hanging down initially and then ripped off sending you flying. Have you checked to see if it is still there?

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    Yup everything is there, all the seal is there also, I thought maybe some of the seal between the ride plate and the hull blew out and got water caught up in it but that isn't the case. If that was it it would pull one way all the time. I can run 25-30 all day fine in a straight line??

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    Can you say "Vicoprohen"? Alternate heat and ice and get thee to a chiropractor.

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    Tell me about it, I hurt like no other...I am just scared to ride the thing again haha

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    If the grate, shoe, tabs, and plate are all in place, I can't think of anything that would cause that. Sounds like a broken grate, but you said it's still there. I'd check everything real closely.

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    Nozzle cable loose? Just throwing it out there, secure it and turn the bars and see what happens.

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    sounds like what the stock grate does I have had mine over 70 many times with the r&d like you have with no problems. Ron

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    make sure the stock inserts are not lose and pulling down on a wide open run.

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    What inserts?

    Can you please explain this? Nozzle cable loose? Just throwing it out there, secure it and turn the bars and see what happens.

    I yanked all over the ride plate and the intake grate, I couldn't see any damage anywhere. I will go through it again and Take some pictures, I would feel better if there was a explanation to the it doing that, I would feel better about getting back on it....I don't want to tumble like that again. But I will take pics for you guys to see....

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