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    Help on my 701 Raider....

    Hello Everyone,

    I need some help with my 95 701 Raider... It was running great before I stored it for a couple of years. I just took it out of storage and rebuilt the carbs minus new needles and seats, new spark plugs, fuel filter, and drained the fuel tank. The needles looked good. It fires up but only runs for a second and then turns off... I'm wondering if I'm having an ignition issue.... if I hold the throttle wide open and push the start button the engine fires and acelerates for a second and then dies... it's also back firing occasionally when I try and start it. Any suggestions??? I'm really stumped....

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    Anyone out there have any suggestions????

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    I just went outside and amazingly it started and ran for about 2 minutes but then died..... and now its doing the same thing again... starting a running for a second or 2 and then dies.... I wondering if my problem is ignition or fuel.....

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    you need to check for spark when it dies,

    Does it fire right back up when it stalls?

    Did you rebuild the fuel pump?

    The fuel system could be the culprit, pull the fuel line to the carb and see if it is pumping fuel when you crank it

    post back

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    Thank you for replying.... Yes I rebuilt the fuel pump... and it is pumping.... The only thing I didn't change were the needle and seat as they looked to be in great condition... could this be the problem??? I even changed the o-rings on the high and low needles and adjusted them to the specifications from the Factory Pipe I have on the ski. Funny thing is it ran great when I started it this afternoon..... but after 2 minutes it died. I'm going

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    sorry... it does fire back up but only runs for a second or two... Then dies... have you ever heard of this happening from an ignition issue??? I have changed the MSD CDI Enhancer in the past but I wasn't getting any spark at all....

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    Unplug the kill switch "white/black" wire up front and see if it matters. BTW...just lower your idle screw closed to allow you to shut the unit off if it fixes your issue.


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    Thanks Mpeavler,

    Just tried it but does the same thing... I disconnected the black and white wires and engine does the same thing... fires up... but dies after a second or two.... When I hold the throttle wide open and push the starter button it fires up accelerates to the rev limiter and then dies...

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    Are you sure you did the carbs right. Take a swing at you have a primer on the ski? If it to start and only use the prime 1/2 squirt and wait....1/2 squirt etc...and see for a few seconds if it continues to run. It could numerous items..but you have to elimi item from item. You can test out most of the electrical stuff with an OHm you have one?


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    I rebuilt the cards but I don't have a primer system on it..... I rebuilt the carbs a few years back and they worked fine.... The only thing I didn't change this time around was the needle and seat. Do you think this could be the problem. The rebuild was pretty straight forward replacing orings and diaphram etc. I do have an OHM meter.... I have RIVA Air filters on it so I can try squirting some fuel down the carb openings as it runs.... I pulled the main fuel inlet line and it does squirt fuel as I start it and it fires...

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